What is a Race Quilt?

A Race Quilt is a beautiful and unique quilt made from your favorite t-shirts.

Athletes: You've done the hard work, and you have the t-shirts to prove it! Don't hide them away in a drawer or closet. Let us custom-design a beautiful quilt for you, and enjoy your t-shirts everyday! What better way to celebrate your accomplishments?

Family members: Your loved-one will treasure the special gift of a Race Quilt for many years!

Not an athlete? We make quilts out of any t-shirts! A Race Quilt will preserve special childhood memories, your sorority/fraternity years, or exciting travel experiences...anything!

How is a Race Quilt made?

Your Race Quilt is custom-designed to best showcase YOUR t-shirts!

Special care is taken when planning the layout and selection of colors to be used. All quilts are made using quality cotton fabric for the sashing and backing. Batting will be selected according to the thickness you desire. All Race Quilts are machine quilted using a meandering stitch. This provides excellent stability and doesn't interfere with the t-shirt designs. The edge of the quilt is finished using two layers of fabric (to prevent wear) and hand-stitched.

Our experienced quilters carefully complete each Race Quilt so that it will be enjoyed for years to come!

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